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We are looking for the best candidates to join our company and enjoy flexibility, enjoyable work and exciting challenges!
There are different ways to connect: Applying for a job, freelance to us or, contracting for specific projects.
AltoStudioDesign (ASD) is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability or veteran status.
Please refer below for positions available for North NJ and NYC metro area

What's your story?
We are welcoming professionals and workers in the following fields:
Please write the position you are applying for and give us a hint on expected salary and if you are willing to work on commission or mixed base and commission.
- Interior Designers
- Structural Engineers
- Architects
- Decorators
- Graphic Designers
- Marketing SEO specialists
- Project Managers (construction /design field)
- Administrative assistant
- Landscape Architect
- Drawing and rendering specialist (REVIT, AutoCAD, Adobe CS collection, Rhinos, Etc)
- Office Coordinator
- Sales Representative
- Art Curator
- Interns for any of these positions
- Mail person
- Building Code experts 
- Detailing specialist (hand drawing/ painting details on furniture or spaces)
- Lighting specialist
- Smart house/media specialist

- Upholsterer  (Maestro Tapicero)
- Curtains maker (Especialista en cortinaje)
- Bedding maker,textiles. ( Especialista en crear ropa de cama, edredones)
- Furniture maker wood, metal, resin, other (Maestro mueblista)
- Painters (Pintores)
- Ebanist (Maestro ebanista, detalles finos en madera)
- Wall treatment expert  and muralist (Pintor de muros, técnicas finas y murales)

- Master Plumber (Plomero profesional, licenciado en NJ and NYC)
- Plumber able to work in NJ and NYC
- Master Carpenter (Building) (Carpntero profesional)
- Carpenter able to work in NJ and NYC
- Master Electrician (Electricista profesional licenciado en NJ y NYC)
- Electrician able to work in NJ and NYC
- Handyman with driver's license

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